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A Magical Place

Astrology and the night sky have fascinated humans for millennia. Of all the obscure,  The Black Moon is the most mysterious and intoxicating.

Who are you in the dark?


Welcome, I’m thrilled that you have found your way here. La Lune Noire is a place of healing & a spiritual resource service. We provide Spiritual Healing & Guidance to those seeking the help of their Ancestors, Guides and Angels - or maybe you just want a little bit of Magic.

We're here to help in any (magical!) way we can

please contact us for advice.

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How Can We Help?

We offer Reiki sessions to help you heal, feel relaxed and to create a sense of peace in your life. Reiki is an energetic healing modality that is both effective and gentle. Reiki can never hurt you and can only ever serve you to your highest possible good. Sessions can be conducted in person or remotely, please contact us for more information. 

 Take off your shoes and let the Ancient Energy of Reiki revitalise you. 


Reiki is a one-on-one session, approximately 45mins-1hour

Tarot, Angel, Oracle Card & Mediumship Readings - Our Psychics are something else! Professional and highly intuitive, they will talk through the cards and their meanings to your life as well as contacting the Spirit World for guidance and Emotional Support. Our readings are gentle and will not scare you. If you've never had a reading before, you're safe with La Lune Noire.

Tarot is a beautiful, mystical and sacred art, come on in and take a seat...

Angel Therapist.jpg

Readings last 45mins-1hr and can be done remotely. Please visit our Etsy Shop to Book. Readings are given in French and/or English.

or email us.

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When All Else Fails

Our bespoke range of workshops, ateliers and spellwork can help you to improve your confidence, learn new skills and meet like-minded souls. We supply a range of oils, candles, gris-gris and spell pouches, ready-made and unique for you.


Whatever you need, we have a jar of it. 

Don't forget about our restricted section...

We're Waiting...

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